Sunday, October 27, 2013

Three Years?

Happy Birthday to Me!

What are the odds of me randomly remembering I have a blog and then visiting it for the first time in three years on this very day?! Freaky. Just Freaky. My last entry was on my birthday three years ago. I love this kind of magic. Chance. Fate. Serendipity.

I blame it on Facebook. FB has taken over my cyber social life. Plus, it has Candy Crush...yet another awesome time suck. I will give the blog another try. I'm not committing, because obviously it would be a lie. The three year sabbatical is proof. Never the less...

I still hate running. I'm still trying to love it. I'm not any faster. I actually chant "I hate running" as I run. Errrr, run is a relative term. It's more of a run/walk/curse/run scenerio. But, still I try.

I am done with school! I love my job and I love my second job, too. I work as a COTA/L at a rehab center and do home health on the side. I have great coworkers, great hours, lots of flexibility and I make bank. Bank being another one of those relative terms. Bank is whatever you feel is enough plus a little bit more :) Completely subjective

Jake loves his job and is a great provider for us. Life is good, can't complain.
Coleton is at USU enjoying his first year at college. Yes, he is that old! 18!
Cassandra is a sophomore and has her driving learners permit. She dances on a competitive team and loves every minute of it. She is 15.
Caden is in 6th grade, is 12 years old and plays the piano and viola. He told me today that a girl at school thinks he's cute and won't leave him alone. He says it's like living in a horror movie. I say, bless his innocence! Please, please, please don't grow up too fast! You are my last one. Stay little.
They are the reason we work so hard. College, dance, music lessons, kids in general...they cost a ton! But, they are so worth it! I love these people :)

We have a dog. I know. I never wanted one. I caved and brought home a tiny little ball of fur and I am now completely smitten with her. We adopted Bella from the Humane Society about two years ago. She rules our house and we are all her puppets. She is just so cute!
We still have the two cats. I wish they would run away. Or turn into rocks. The kids really love them so it's a losing battle. Oh well, I will just keep wishing. Whenever I go to sleep with wet hair and wake up looking like Medusa, I stare into the stupid cat's eyes hoping they will "rock out" but it never works. I'll keep trying.